Saturday, 20 September 2014

A Book Lover's Adventure - My 80 Book Challenge

"And now, Harry, let us step out into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure."
Albus Dumbledore

Welcome to my blog. I am a teacher at a small rural secondary school in Derbyshire and I have an MA in Children's Literature. I teach media studies and computing but until last year I also taught English and I am the school's literacy co-ordinator.  Last year my form and I completed a 40 book challenge.  Along with many of the children I completed the challenge in 6 months, so this year I have decided to set myself an 80 book challenge.  To up the ante I have given myself various categories of books to cover but the real challenge will be to write about every book I read here.

My 80 Book Challenge

50 fiction:

5 classics
5 brand new authors
5 YA novels
5 old favourites
5 science fiction novels written before 1970
5 books that have been made into films
1 book set in Africa
1 book set in South America
1 book set in Russia
1 book set in Australia
1 book set in India

30 non-fiction

5 education/teaching books
5 popular science/psychology books
5 digital literacy/tech books
5 business books
5 biographies/autobographies
5 inspirational books

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